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Optimizing Thermodynamic Systems (In-Person Participation)
07/25/2022 - 07/29/2022
Meeting Description:

Meeting description:

Thermodynamics was the first topic at TSRC with the 1984 Horse-Carrot workshop, and its development has since led to numerous exiting insights.

The topics envisioned for this year fall into three major groups:

Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics
- Finite Time Thermodynamics
- Minimum dissipation processes
- Endoreversible modelling of thermal processes
- Efficiencies and other thermodynamic optimization goals

Optimal control of heat engines
- Thermodynamic path optimization for endoreversible processes
- Optimizing the Stirling cycle
- Vuilleumier refrigerator
- Optimal quantum control

Bio- and Chemistry related Processes
- molecular machines
- information use for efficiency enhancement
- Optimal distillation
- Nearly reversible cycles in bio systems

As in the past, the workshop will endeavor to give everyone an opportunity to share his/her current work or important issues of concern in the area of thermodynamics. The workshop will allow ample time for the crucial intensive but constructive quizzing of the speaker by the audience. This also allows the participants to exchange ideas in detail, and experience has shown that many collaborations have resulted from these meetings. Regarding the specific topics, this workshop has always attempted to bring people from different communities together; thus every contribution that addresses issues in the field of thermodynamics is welcome.

We also want to point out that in the week before this workshop a related workshop on "Energy Landscapes: Structure, Dynamics and Exploration Algorithms" by Janett Prehl, Karl Heinz Hoffmann and Christian Schön (July 18th - July 22nd 2022) will take place. We would like to welcome the participants of the thermodynamics workshop there as well (and conversely), in order to allow and support additional discussions and perhaps the development of research projects. Therefore, we recommend joining us for both weeks.


If you are interested in attending a meeting, but have not received an invitation, please contact the workshop organizer about availability before registering. Most TSRC meetings are very small, typically only about 25 people.

TSRC is about expanding the frontiers of science, exploring new ideas, and building collaborations. The workshop schedule will allow for substantial unstructured time for participants to talk and think. All participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the workshop.

Scientists are encouraged to consider bringing family or friends. Telluride offers a number of options for children's camps (including Telluride Academy, Ah Haa School for the Arts, and Pinhead Institute). There is more information on childcare, camps, and family activities on TSRC's website at Please contact Cindy Fusting at for more information.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Ave Telluride, CO 81435

Optimizing Thermodynamic Systems (In-Person Participation) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Andresen, Bjarne University of Copenhagen
Bhandari, Bibek Institute for Quantum Studies, Chapman University
Essex, Christopher the University of Western Ontario
Hoffmann, Karl Heinz Technische Universität Chemnitz
Kosloff, Ronnie Hebrew University
Ruppeiner, George New College of Florida
Salamon, Peter San Diego State University
Schoen, Christian MPi for Solid State Research
Woodley, Scott UCL

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