Workshop Details
Molecular Mechanisms of General Anesthesia
07/25/1993 - 08/08/1993
Meeting Description:

Participants in this workshop will have advance opportunity to suggest a topic they would like to present as one of the two scheduled daily talks. These in turn serve as starting points for the sustained and constructive group discussion that will hopefully suggest new lines of scientific inquiry and ultimately help determine in what direction(s) the field should move. Most of all we strive to foster new collaboration and this is what makes TSRC unique. The workshops are generally two weeks long and we encourage participants to stay the full term, if possible, since this increases the likelihood of establishing a collaboration.


Participants include:
Guy Weinberg
Ann E. Oliver

Several other scientific workshops are scheduled for this summer's program from June through August and each is designed to foster collaboration through lively conversation in a relaxed and informal setting. This format is very popular. Since its founding in 1984, TSRC's program participation has increased by a factor of ten to more that two hundred scientists in the ten workshops held last year. TSRC workshops have traditionally focused on issues in chemical physics, thermodynamics and mathematics, but this scope has broadened recently to include topics like neural networks and computational molecular biology. The program directors of this workshop are pleased to host :Molecular Mechanisms of General Anesthesia," the first TSRC workshop to address a clinically oriented topic.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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