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Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry (Students Only Registration)
07/11/2023 - 07/15/2023
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The field of theoretical and computational chemistry has traditionally been a key component within physical chemistry and chemical physics. More recently, theoretical chemistry has begun to assume important roles in biological chemistry and materials science as well. Most experimental scientists working in these disciplines have not had the background necessary to gain a working knowledge of theory as it is used in their research disciplines. Because many of them want to make use of theory to interpret their data and to guide their research, they constitute one component of the student body for the proposed schools. In addition, many faculty members who teach undergraduate chemistry, biology, and materials science classes want to incorporate computer modeling into the classroom. The schools would offer them an efficient route for learning the theoretical and computational background needed to do so. Most importantly, the Ph. D. and postdoctoral students entering theoretical and computational chemistry can also benefit. Most of these young peoples' doctoral and postdoctoral work has focused on only a sub-set of theory's main areas (electronic structure, dynamics, statistical mechanics, molecular modeling). Especially if they pursue an academic career, they will be expected to teach classes in a wider range of theoretical topics. Moreover, their research careers are likely to evolve in directions that will require them to become proficient in areas other than where their doctoral and postdoctoral work focused. These schools offer them an excellent chance to broaden their knowledge and skill sets at an early career stage.

Each TSTC school will involve approximately six to eight hours of lectures on electronic structure theory, dynamics, and statistical mechanics as well as one topical subject that will change from school to school. Poster sessions for participants to describe their interests, outdoor recreation, and problem solving sessions will also be held.

Prof. Nandini Ananth (Cornell University) -- Chemical Dynamics
Prof. Todd Gingrich (Northwestern University) -- Statistical Mechanics
Prof. Benoit Roux (University of Chicago) -- Biophysics
Prof. Dominika Zgid (University of Michigan) -- Electronic Structure Theory


The registration and lodging costs will be covered by the TSTC Endowment Fund (FYI, the registration system will ask registrants for a credit card and the system will verify the card with ~$10 charge that will be automatically refunded within a week). Students must register by May 20th, 2023 or they will forfeit their opportunity to attend the school.

All students will be staying in shared condos at the Mountain Lodge in Mountain Village. Students should check in on July 10th and check out July 16th. Students should fly into Montrose, CO (MTJ) and book a public shuttle with Telluride Express to the Mountain Lodge in Mountain Village. Tell the Telluride Express that you are a TSRC scientist and you will receive a 10% discount.

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Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
721 W Colorado Ave Telluride, CO 81435

Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry (Students Only Registration) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
*Instructor - Ananth , Nandini
*Instructor - Gingrich , Todd
*Instructor - Roux , Benoit
*Instructor - Zgid , Dominika
Alexander, Ezra Arumi MIT
Andrews, Jeremy SUNY Binghamton
Bhattacharyya, Srijan University of Colorado Boulder
Chakraborty, Arnab Michigan State University
Deng, Jiahua Boston University
Gastellu, Nicolas McGill University
Gu, Geyao Northwestern University
Gupta, Manish University of Chicago
Hsieh, Ming-Hsiu Northwestern University
Hymel, John Gerogia Institute of Technology
Kirk, Alicia The University of Queensland
Landrie, Dakota University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Laughon, Katelyn Yale University
Li, Sherry Xiang Stanford University
Liu, Jinchan Yale University
Malpathak, Shreyas Cornell University
Mandal, Aniket Ohio State University
Manna, Sutanuka Cornell University
McElhenney, Shannon University of California-Irvine
Mondal, Mohammad Elious Ali University of Rochester
Moonkaen, Pattarapon University of Washington
Nakritskaia, Daria University of Nevada, Reno
Raghavan Chitra, Sricharan University of California San Diego
Schlinsog, Megan Iowa State University
Simons, Megan Southern Methodist University
Szukalo, Ryan Pennsylvania State
Thakur, Atul Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Tran, Hoang (Bolton) The Pennsylvania State University
Weisburn, Leah MIT
Wen, Ming University of Michigan
Williams, Eboni University of Texas at Austin
Zhang, Yichi University of Colorado, Boulder

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