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Macromolecular Crowding
07/06/2009 - 07/10/2009
Meeting Description:

While an overwhelming majority of biophysical studies on proteins are performed on dilute solutions, there is now a rapidly growing appreciation of the potential effects of intermolecular excluded volume ("crowding") within the highly volume-occupied cellular interior. A semiquantitative picture of crowding effects in vitro, based on simplified models, has been developed. The next steps toward an understanding of crowding effects within cellular environments are challenging but important for proper modeling of protein functions in vivo. This workshop is organized to address these next steps. Among the topics will be the latest results on the microstructures of the various components of the cytoplasm and on the compositions of the various organelles; the in silico modeling and in vitro mimicking of these complex media, and theories of inhomogeneous fluids that have potential applications to cellular environments. The workshop will serve as a catalyst for new breakthroughs in the study of macromolecular crowding.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 W. Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

Macromolecular Crowding Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Best, Robert University of Cambridge
Feig, Michael Michigan State University
Ferrone, Frank Drexel University
Gai, Feng University of Pennsylvania
Hall, Damien University of Tsukuba
Hong, Jiang University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Li, Conggang University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Longeville, Stéphane CEA
Mereghetti, Paolo EML Research
Miklos, Andrew Pielak Lab - Chemistry Department - UNC Chapel Hil
Minton, Allen NIH
Mittal, Jeetain National Institutes of Health
Qin, Meng Department of Physics, Nanjing University
Uversky, Vladimir Indiana University School of Medicine
Wang, Wei Department of Physics,Nanjing University
Weiss, Matthias German Cancer Research Center
Wu, Jianzhong A249 Bourns Hall
Yang, Guoliang Drexel University
Zhou, Huan-Xiang Florida State University

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