Workshop Details
Neural Networks in High Dimensions
07/02/1995 - 07/09/1995
Meeting Description:

While the topics will vary to reflect the interests of the participants, the list will include:
THEORY: learnability and generalization theory, unsupervised learning, the use of ensembles of neural networks, dynamic architectures, interacting algorithms, extremley ill-posed learning and high dimensional data sets
APPLICATIONS: Medical signal and image processing


The format of the sections is to take a prepared one hour talk and turn it into a careful and detailed cross examination lasting 4-5 hours. This format has proven in the past years to be an outstanding way to rapidly understand new ideas and we invite you to share the learning experience that viewing each other's work under such scrutiny can provide. The discussions aim to be constructive rather than critical and all possible attempts will be made to relate the topics to the open problems of the workshop. The Center offers an excellent way to meet collaborators from other institutions through coordinated visits. Extended stays are thus recommended.

Individual participants are expected to provide their own salaries. Academic and research institutions have recognized the value of participation in the Center's activities and have been willing to pay for work performed at the Center. The Summer Research Center helps arrange for housing thereby obtaining reduced rates for the participants and families.

Registration fees may be waived in special circumstances. Anybody requiring official letters of invitation should contact the organizers specifying their needs.

Michael Kellman
Paolo Sibani
Peter Salamon, San Diego State University
Lars Kai Hansen
Christian van den Broek

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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