Workshop Details
Tellur-Ed: Bringing the Arts into Pre-College Science Teaching
08/09/1992 - 08/16/1992
Meeting Description:

The workshop and its eventual products were discussed at the AAAS Meeting in Boston in February, 1993, and at a meeting of the National Science Teachers Association in 1993.

Financial support: The Jefferson Institute, NSF and the MacArthur Foundation. We applied for NSF support to hold three successive workshops in 1993-95 but were turned down.


Science teachers (all from Colorado)
Sue Berger, Bear Creek High School, Lakewood, CO
Elnore Grow, Horizon High School, Brighton, CO
Walter Hartung, Nederland High School, Nederland, CO
Steven Iona, Horizon High School, Brighton, CO
Linda Morris, Sheridan High School, Sheridan, CO
Robert Zimmerman, Eagle High School, Eagle, CO

Geulah Abrahams, choreographer, NY
Jim Binn, compter graphics, CA
Jacques D'Amboise, choreographer, dancer, NY
Ann McCoy, artist, NY
Michael Moschen, juggler, NY
[Max Roach, musician, was supposed to be in the group but he left right at the beginning]
James Robinson, educational consultant, CO
Pamela Zoline, author, CO

Scientists (including Steve Berry)
Steve Pinsky, physics, Ohio State, OH
William Reinhardt, chemistry, WA

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Elementary School

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