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Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy as a Sensitive Analytical Tool
07/18/1999 - 07/24/1999
Meeting Description:

The development of powerful and convenient tunable lasers has made optical spectroscopy a sensitive and more affordable analytical tool. In nonlinear spectroscopy, the intensity of the light reaching the detector may contain components of intensity that depend on the product of the incident intensities. We wish to promote the exploration and study of these techniques. Topics may include Degenerate-Four Wave Mixing, Saturation Absorption and Coherent Ramen Spectroscopy and how these methods can be applied as a ultra-sensitive analytical tool.

Specific Topics To Date:
Degenerate four-wave mixing as a sensitive analytical tool:
1) with gas phase atomizers
2) for sensors in biological samples
3) theory and application



Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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