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Reaction Dynamics in Small Clusters
08/01/1999 - 08/07/1999
Meeting Description:

Connections between clusters and the condensed phase; bringing experiment and theory together, . . .


Sunday August 1:
7:00 P.M. Organizational meeting, Telluride Elementary School

Monday August 2:
9:00 A.M. Anyone interested in a short hike, meet in front of Rose Food Market

1:00 P.M. Scientific session 1
Branka Ladanyi, Colorado State University
Structure and photodissociation dynamics of NaI in water clusters

Mitchio Okumura, Caltech
Solvation and reactions in Ionic Clusters: IR spectroscopy as a probe of the solvent molecules

David Coker and Claudio Margulis, Brown University
Electronically nonadiabatic excited state dynamics in cluster reactions, and semiclassical methods for treating quantum nuclear dynamics in clusters

7:30 P.M. Scientific session 2
Tim Zweir, Purdue University
Exploring the spectroscopy and dynamics of hydrogen-bonded tautomers, base pairs, and amino acid conformers

Arne Luechow, Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf
Phenol water cluster: structures and vibrational quantum Monte Carlo calculations

Tuesday August 3:
1:00 P.M. Scientific session 3
Kun Liu, University of Southern California
Double Resonance Photodissociation in Weakly Bound Clusters

Anne McCoy, The Ohio State University
Exploring the important quantum effects in reactions of O(3P) and Cl(1D) with complexes of HCl with argon atoms

Richard Loomis, Washington University
Probing and controlling bimolecular reaction dynamics using prereactive complexes as a launching pad

7:30 P.M. Topical session 1, Richard Loomis
What can we do experimentally?

Wednesday August 4:
1:00 P.M. Scientific session 4
Victoria Buch, Hebrew University
OH stretch spectroscopy of H2O: from clusters to condensed phases

Paul Devlin, Oklahoma State
H-bond chemistry and dynamics at the surface of very large water clusters

Mark Severson, Oakland University
Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of excited intermolecular vibrational states in water clusters

7:30 P.M. Topical session 2, Anne McCoy
What can we do theoretically and computationally?

Thursday August 5:
1:00 P.M. Scientific session 5
Robert Parson, University of Colorado
The X2- Files: Photodissociation and Recombination of Dihalide Ions in Clusters?"

Klaas Nauta, University of North Carolina
Molecular dynamics in helium droplets

Jeremy Hutson, University of Durham
Morphing ab initio potential energy surfaces to fit experimental data

5:30 P.M. Workshop barbecue

Friday August 6
9:30 A.M. Topical session 3, Robert Parson
Connections between clusters and the condensed phase; bringing experiment and theory together, . . .

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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