Workshop Details
Ploymer Theory vs. Polymer Experiment
08/05/2001 - 08/11/2001
Meeting Description:

Due to the complexity of polymer systems, uncertainty exists about the meaning of experimental results and the accuracy and applicability of theories in many areas. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading experimentalists and theoreticians in the polymer field to discuss the current status of experiment and theory, and to suggest directions for future theoretical and experimental work. The topics considered include, but are not limited to: polymer dynamics and relaxation in melts, solutions and glasses; the effect of chain architecture; phase transitions and the properties of polymer blends and block copolymer systems.


Frank Bates
Guy Berry
Ralph Colby
Juan J. de Pablo
Jack Douglas
Jacek Dudowicz
Mark Ediger
Karl Freed
Jan Genzer
Michael Herman
David A. Hoagland
Benjamin Hsiao
Sanat Kumar
Tim Lodge
M. Muthukumar
Kenneth Schweizer
Helmut Strey
Igal Szleifer
Zhen-Gang Wang

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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