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Doped Rare Gas Clusters
06/24/2002 - 06/29/2002
Meeting Description:

We interpret the title to include clusters of any size that include at least two rare gas atoms and one or more "dopant" molecules. We thus intend to exclude simple dimers, pure rare gas clusters, and purely molecular clusters, but to include helium droplets. Both experimentalists and theoreticians are welcome.


Millard Alexander
Evan Bieske
Gregorz Chalasinski
Paul Dagdigian
Bruce Garrett
Michael Heaven
Jeremy Hutson
Paval Jungworth
William Klemperer
Jochen Kupper
Mark Law
Marius Lewerenz
Anne McCoy
Markus Meuwley
Daniel Neumark
Francesco Paesani
Roman Schmied
Maria Szczesniak
Andrey Vilesov
Richard Wheatley
Robert Zillich

The workshop will start with an organizational meeting Colorado, Monday evening June 24, 2002 and run through the following Friday or Saturday.

We are aiming for 20-25 expert participants who are either actively working on doped rare gas clusters or who intend to move into the area. Post-docs and advanced graduate students working in the area are also welcome to attend. In addition, we plan to invite several people who have important contributions to make to the study of doped rare gas clusters, even if they are not currently working on them. All or most of the participants will give 30-45 minute talks, with plenty of time for discussion.

As of January 20, 2002, Millard Alexander, Paul Dagdigian, Bruce Garrett, Michael Heaven, Jeremy Hutson, Pavel Jungwirth, Bill Klemperer, Mark Law, Marius Lewerenz, Anne McCoy, Markus Meuwly, Roger Miller (or member of his group), Dan Neumark, Andrej Vilesov, Member of Brigitta Whaley’s group and Richard Wheatley are confirmed participants

As Telluride "regulars" will know, Telluride is a small, historic town set at 8,725 feet in the mountains of south-western Colorado, with wonderful hiking within yards of town and a variety of other outdoor opportunities. In winter it is an exclusive ski resort, and in summer it hosts a succession of festivals and the Telluride Summer Research Center.

We plan to organise the meeting to leave most mornings free for hiking, with conference sessions in the afternoon and evening.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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