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Protein Dynamics
07/13/2003 - 07/20/2003
Meeting Description:

This workshop will address the connection between the structure and function of biomolecules. The key issue is that the observed time scales for biological systems are orders of magnitude faster than those for analogous chemical processes in other highly associated systems. Static structures of proteins further confound how these complex systems operate on functionally relevant timescales. Dynamical fluctuations are clearly central to the problem. The dynamical pathways encoded in the structure hold the secret and will serve as a focal point for the discussion of diverse phenomena ranging from protein folding pathways to molecular cooperativity, self regulation, and assembly


This workshop was also organized by Teizo Kitagawa and Josef Friedrich

John Straub
Joel Friedman
Helmut Grubmueller
Raymond Kapral
Mikio Kataoka
Keith Moffat
Keiichi Namba
William Woodruff
Hans Frauenfelder
Gerhard Hummer Gerhard.Hummer@NIH.GOV
der Agmon
Ken Dill
Josef Friedrich
Teizo Kitagawa
Juergen Koehler
R J Dwayne Miller
Yuko Okamoto
J Timothy Sage
Jane Vanderkooi
Josef Wachtveitl
Thomas Kiefhaber
Atsushi Ikai
Douglas Tobias
Philip Anfinrud
Paul Champion
R. Brian Dyer
Wolfgang Doster
Jean-Louis MARTIN
Raymond Dean Astumian

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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