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Mechanistic Analysis of Biological Systems with Novel Computational models
03/24/2008 - 03/28/2008
Meeting Description:

Synopsis: With rapid developments in novel experimental techniques, limits in the resolution, size and complexity of the biological systems that can be investigated have been constantly pushed forward. The availability of new experimental data poses exciting challenges to the theoretical community for developing novel theoretical and computational techniques that can be used to better interpret experimental results and glean further mechanistic or functional insights. In particular, it has become increasingly clear that computational models that span multiple length scales and resolutions are needed in many studies. How to construct these multi-scale computational models such that important mechanistic questions in biology can be addressed in a meaningful and effective manner is arguably the most exciting and challenging issue in the frontier of computational biophysics. In this workshop series, we bring together young theoretical/computational chemists/biophysicists to discuss both method/model developments and the important mechanistic issues that drive these theoretical/computational developments. Leading experimentalists in the relevant areas are also invited to bring in perspectives from “the real world”.

Meeting Venue:

Camel's Garden Hotel
250 W. San Juan Avenue Telluride, CO 81435 970-728-9300

Mechanistic Analysis of Biological Systems with Novel Computational models Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Ayton, Gary University of Utah
Brooks, Bernard Computational Bio Physics
Brown, Frank University of California
Cembran, Alessandro Univ of Minnesota
Cheatham, Thomas University of Utah
Cui, Qiang UW-Madison
Dinner, Aaron The University of Chicago
Gao, Yi Qin Texas A&M University
Ghysels, An Ghent University
Groves, John UC Berkeley
Klug, William UCLA
Lyman, Edward University of Utah
Maragakis, Paul D. E. Shaw Research
Papoian, Garegin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sachs, Jonathan Univeristy of Minnesota
Shih, Amy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Svensson, Bengt University of Minnesota
van der Vaart, Arjan Arizona State University

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