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Competing Interactions and Colossal Responses in Transition Metal Compounds
08/10/2009 - 08/14/2009
Meeting Description:

One of the most compelling themes to emerge in materials science recently is the degree to which materials properties are dramatically enhanced in the presence of finely balanced competing interactions. Nowhere is this more evident than in transition metal oxides and related compounds, which display a remarkable variety of phenomena that may be ascribed to length scales in the presence of such competition is a key challenge in condensed matter physics, and forms the subject of the workshop on "Competing Interactions and Colossal Responses in Transition Metal Compounds".

This workshop is the fifth in a highly successful series of workshops that have been held in Telluride since 1998. Initially, they focussed on the physics of colossal magnetoresistive manganites, but as the subject has evolved, the links with the physics of other transition metal oxides and related compounds have become clearer and so the scope of the workshops has broadened.

The goals of the workshop are as follows:
1) To disseminate the most recent results in the physics of transition metal oxides and related compounds.
2) To provide a forum to discuss the underlying principles that govern the colossal response of materials subjected to strongly competing interactions.
3) To identify future directions for research in these materials.
4) To encourage new collaborations among experimental and/or theoretical programs among universities and national laboratories, and to strengthen ongoing collaborations.


The workshop format will be similar to the popular Gordon Research Conferences, allowing for intensive discussion after each presentation, as well as for general topical discussions. This format will consist of morning sessions with 30-minute presentations, followed by free afternoons and
informal evening discussion periods. The experience from the previous workshops demonstrated that this approach was not only highly effective, but also extremely well-received by all participants. The environment in Telluride fosters free and open interactions.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Ave Telluride CO 81435

Competing Interactions and Colossal Responses in Transition Metal Compounds Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Abbamonte, Peter University of Illinois
Biswas, Amlan University of Florida
Bridges, Frank UCSC
Dai, Pengcheng The Univ. of Tennessee
Dessau, Dan University of Colorado
Dobrosavljevic, Vladimir NHMFL/FSU
Fernandez-Baca, Jaime Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Fisher, Ian Stanford University
Fishman, Randy Oak Ridge National Lab
Gray, Kenneth Argonne Nat'l Lab
Hoch, Michael National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Khomskii, Daniil Universitaet zu Koeln
Kimura, Tsuyoshi Osaka University
Lee, Seunghun University of Virginia
Leighton, Chris U of Minnesota
Lipscombe, Oliver University of Tennessee
Louca, Despina University of Virginia
Lynn, Jeffrey NIST-NCNR
Mannella, Norman Univ. of Tennessee - Knoxville
May, Steven Argonne National Laboratory
Mitchell, John Argonne National Laboratory
Moreo, Adriana University of Tennessee
Mostovoy, Maxim Zernike Insitute for Advanced Materials
Osborn, Raymond Argonne National Laboratory
Suzuki, Yuri UC Berkeley
Tao, Jing Brookhaven National Lab
Wilkins, Stuart Brookhaven National Laboratory
Yang, Chan-Ho UC Berkeley

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