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Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces
06/23/2008 - 06/27/2008
Meeting Description:

Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces is an interdisciplinary, dynamic, and mature field that recently underwent a Cambrian Explosion in scientific discovery when university and national lab scientists collectively pushed the field towards applications and basic science investigations relevant to environmental, biological, materials science and basic chemical and physical heterogeneous systems. This proposed workshop will function as a milestone update on where the community stands.

The inaugural TSRC Workshop on Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces was held June 23-27, 2008


FYI some general info about housing:
We are happy to announce that we have arrived at an excellent solution to the housing problem the week of your TSRC workshop in June, organized by Franz and Alex.

As I have mentioned before, with three hotels closing for remodeling, a huge bicycle tour moving through town mid-week, and the tail end of Blue Grass Festival, accommodations are close to impossible this year.

Last year we lodged 100 physicists at Bear Creek Lodge in the Mountain Village and they were universally delighted with the accommodations. And while the location is a bit inconvenient, the accommodations are luxurious.

We have reserved discounted units at the Lodge, which are all very spacious. Most condos are two bedroom units, some are three and four. We have special condos reserved for families (participants with families please call me).

Each person (or couple) will have his or her own bedroom and bath within a larger condominium. These accommodations are much more private than they sound. It is rather like a hotel room with shared common rooms of dining room/kitchen/living room. We will be assigning you rooms according to your departure dates.

If you have specific requests, please email or call Nana at or 970-708-0004.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Baldelli, Steve University of Houston
Benderskii, Alexander Wayne State University
Bonn, Mischa FOM-Institute AMOLF
Geiger, Franz Northwestern University
Lian, Tianquan Emory University
McKinnie, Iain KMLabs
Morita, Akihiro Tohoku University
Petersen, Poul MIT
Roke, Sylvie MPI for Metals Research
Simpson, Garth Purdue University
Verbiest, Thierry KU Leuven BE419.052.173
Wolf, Martin Free Univeristy Berlin
Yan, Elsa Yale University

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