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The Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Ions and Osmolytes in Solution
07/11/2011 - 07/15/2011
Meeting Description:

It has been known for over 120 years that the specific nature of ions differentially influences the physical behavior of macromolecules in aqueous solutions. In fact, Franz Hofmeister demonstrated in the late 1880s that proteins can be salted into or out of solution by ions according to a recurring series. Subsequent work has shown that this same series holds for myriad physical phenomena. The underlying mechanisms by which this operates were poorly understood for the entire 20th Century, but the physical principles are just beginning to come into focus. Similarly, the mechanisms by which sugars, amino acids, urea, trimethylamine N-oxide and other osmolytes affect macromolecules are also poorly understood. This symposium will concentrate on the physical properties of ions an osmolytes in solution. Particular motifs of interest will include ion/osmolyte effects on protein folding, colloidal particle aggregation, and molecular arrangements at the air/water as well as the macromolecule/water interfaces. Both theoretical and experimental work will be presented.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

The Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Ions and Osmolytes in Solution Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Balzer, Bizan Nicolas Anosarwan TU Munich
Beck, Thomas Univ of Cincinnati
Campen, Kramer FOM Institute AMOLF
Chen, Xin Harvard University
Collins, Kim Univ Maryland, Baltimore
Cremer, Paul Texas A&M University
Curtis, Robin university of manchester
Dang, Liem Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dzubiella, Joe Helmholtz-Center Berlin
Evens, Terence USDA-ARS
Fedorov, Maxim Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Scienc
Garcia, Angel Rwnsselaer Polytechnic Intitute
Grubmueller, Helmut max Planck Institute for biophysical Chemistry
Harries, Daniel Hebrew University
Horinek, Dominik Institute of Physical Chemistry
Jungwgirth, Pavel Academy of Sciences
Kunz, Werner University of Regensburg
Livney, Yoav D. The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Lo Nostro, Pierandrea Dept. Chemistry & CSGI
Lund, Mikael Lund University
Mason, Philip Cornell
Matubayasi, Nobuyuki Kyoto University
Mu, Yuguang NTU
Oda, Reiko University of Bordeaux
Papoian, Garegin University of Maryland
Record, Tom Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Romsted, Laurence Rutgers University
Tobias, Douglas UC Irvine
van der Vegt, Nico Technical University of Darmstadt
Zhang, Yanjie James Madison University

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