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Mechanistic Studies in Membrane Biophysics: Experiments and Theory
03/01/2010 - 03/05/2010
Meeting Description:

With rapid developments in novel experimental techniques, limits in the resolution, size and complexity of the biological systems that can be investigated have been constantly pushed forward. The availability of new experimental data poses exciting challenges to the theoretical community for developing novel theoretical and computational models that can be used to better interpret experimental results and glean further mechanistic insights. This is particularly clear in the study of membrane biophysics, which involves complex processes that span multiple length and time scales. In this workshop, as part of our series in Mechanistic analysis of biological systems with novel computational models”, we bring together theoretical & computational biophysicists/chemists and leading experimentalists to discuss important problems in membrane biophysics, especially concerning how to best connect theoretical/computational studies with experiments. The subjects of focus include: membrane mechanics and signaling, antimicrobial/cell-penetration peptides/polymers, diffusion in membranes, membrane fusion and remodeling.

Meeting Venue:

Camels Garden Hotel
250 W. San Juan Avenue Telluride CO 81435 970-728-9300

Mechanistic Studies in Membrane Biophysics: Experiments and Theory Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Bathe, Mark MIT
Cao, Jianshu MIT
Cheng, Ji-Xin Purdue University
Cui, Qiang UW-Madison
Grabe, Michael University of Pittsburgh
Haselwandter, Christoph California Institute of Technology
Hu, Longhua UNC-Chapel Hill
Jackson, Meyer University of Wisconsin
Janmey, Paul UPenn
Kasson, Peter Stanford University
Klug, William UCLA
Maragakis, Paul D. E. Shaw Research
Miller, Thomas California Institute of Technology
Pastor, Richard Lab Computational Biology
Ritchie, Kenneth Purdue University
Sachs, Jonathan University of Minnesota
Slochower, David IME/University of Pennsylvania
Sun, Sean Johns Hopkins University
Tieleman, Peter University of Calgary, Biological Sciences
Wang, Yu-Hsiu IME/University of Pennsylvania
Wang, Zhen-Gang California Institute of Technology
Weisshaar, James Dept. of Chemistry
Wong, Gerard UCLA
Xian, Wujing UCLA
Yethiraj, Arun University of Wisconsin
Zhou, Yongcheng Colorado State University

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