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Toward Meaningful Analysis of Phosphoryl Transfers and RNA Catalysis: Experiments and Computations
06/14/2010 - 06/18/2010
Meeting Description:

Synopsis: Phosphoryl transfer reactions are one of the most important chemical transformations in biology and central to key cellular processes such as signal/energy transduction and gene duplication/transcription. Enzymes and RNAs that catalyze phosphoryl transfer rich of compelling mechanistic questions at many scales and answering these questions is beneficial to the understanding of not only specific enzymes but also general strategies that Nature employs to evolve complex biological functions. This workshop brings together theoreticians and experimentalists to discuss key open questions in the field. An overarching objective of the workshop is to stimulate discussions aimed at developing innovative strategies that integrate theory and experiment to tackle fundamental mechanistic challenges. Such strategies are required to systematically improve the accuracy of computational (both classical and QM/MM) models, aid in the interpretation of kinetic isotope effects and linear free energy relations for the characterization of transition states, and assess the contributions from structural and electrostatic features to catalysis. In this way, we hope to facilitate new science at the interface of theory and experiment, aimed at providing deeper insight into the mechanisms of biological phosphoryl transfer reactions.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

Toward Meaningful Analysis of Phosphoryl Transfers and RNA Catalysis: Experiments and Computations Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Case, David Rutgers University
Cole, Philip Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Cui, Qiang Dept. of Chem. UW-Madison
Guo, Hua University of New Mexico
Harris, Michael CWRU - School of Medicine
Herschlag, Daniel Stanford University/Biochemistry Dept.
Hollfelder, Florian U Cambridge
Lassila, Jonathan Department of Biochemistry
Markwick, Phineus University of California San Diego
Perrin, David University of British Columbia
Ren, Pengyu UT Austin
Suo, Zucai The Ohio State University
Valadkhan, Saba Case Western Reserve University
Veglia, Gianluigi University of Minnesota
Walter, Nils University of Michigan
Wedekind, Joseph University of Rochester
York, Darrin University of Minnesota
Zhang, Yingkai New York University
Zhang, Zhong-Yin Indiana University School of Medicine

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