Workshop Details
Condensed Phase Dynamics
07/07/2008 - 07/11/2008
Meeting Description:

This is a repeating workshop devoted to the dynamics and statistical mechanics of condensed matter, including liquids, materials, and biomolecules. New theoretical developments, novel computational methodologies, and computer simulation results for a variety of important systems are presented. The participants largely consist of theoretical and computational chemists and biophysicists.

Schedule for the 2008 Telluride Workshop on
Condensed Phase Dynamics

Monday July 7th
9:00 AM�12:30 PM
John Straub
Dmitry Matyushov
Greg Schenter
Oleg Prezdho
2:00 PM�5:30 PM
Peter Rossky
Frank Brown
Gary Ayton
Bruce Berne
8:00 PM�10:00 PM
Dima Makarov
Eran Rabani

Tuesday July 8th
2:00 PM�5:30 PM
Aaron Dinner
Rob Coalson
Angelo Cacciuto
David Coker
Town Talk@6:00PM:
Mark Ratner
Mountain Village Conference Center*

Wednesday July 9th
2:00 PM�5:30 PM
Mark Ratner
Abe Nitzan
Greg Voth
8:00 PM�10:00 PM
Victor Batista
David Reichman

Thursday July 10th

Friday July 11st
9:00 AM�12:00 PM
Phill Geissler
Eitan Geva


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Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Telluride CO 81435

Condensed Phase Dynamics Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Ayton, Gary S. University of Utah
Batista, Victor Yale University
Brown, Frank University of California
Cacciuto, Angelo Columbia University
Coalson, Rob University of Pittsburgh
Coker, David Boston University, Department of Chemistry
Dinner, Aaron The University of Chicago
Geissler, Phillip L. UC Berkeley
Geva, Eitan University of Michigan
Makarov, Dmitrii University of Texas at Austin
Ratner, Mark northwestern
Reichman, David Dpt. Chemistry, Columbia University
Rossky, Peter J. Univ. of Texas @ Austin
Straub, John Boston University
Voth, Gregory A. University of Utah

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