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Telluride Workshop on the Microscopic Description of Gas Clathrate (registration fee includes Monday lunch)
07/09/2012 - 07/13/2012
Meeting Description:

In the last 20 years research on gas clathrate hydrates has accelerated due to the discovery of huge natural deposits of methane hydrate. A theoretical description of these species is difficult due to the fact that the details of their structure, stability and dynamics are controlled by a sensitive balance of hydrogen bonding of the lattice and weak interactions between the water lattice and the guest molecule. Only recently have theoretical methods advanced to the point so that they are useful for a first principles analysis of the data regarding these systems. The synergy between theory and experiment on these systems is still in its infancy. We propose to bring together 20-30 scientists who are working on problems for which the experimental-theoretical synergy may be expected to be advanced over the next several years. Experimentalists will present data for which theoretical modeling may be useful, and theoreticians will present the latest computational tools that can be applied to interpreting experiments. Speakers will be encouraged to speculate on which new work may be most useful for continued progress. Considerable time will be allotted for discussing which types of new data and calculations will be most useful for advancing the field. The participants will be chosen to include both acknowledged experts and novices to enhance opportunities for fresh insights to be held up to the scrutiny of existing knowledge.

With this meeting, we hope to build on the success of previous meetings by bringing together many of the former participants along with a new group of participants of international reputation.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Telluride CO 81435

Telluride Workshop on the Microscopic Description of Gas Clathrate (registration fee includes Monday lunch) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Bacic, Zlatko New York University
Chakraborty, Somendra Colorado School of Mines
Chazallon, Bertrand University
Devlin, J Paul Oklahoma State U
Guo, Guangjun Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Acade
Hiratsuka, Masaki Keio University, Japan
Janda, Kenneth University of California
Kuhs, Werner University of Goettingen
Kusalik, Peter University of Calgary
Lafond, Patrick Colorado School of Mines
Matsumoto, Masakazu Okayama Univ.
Molinero, Valeria UNIVERSITY OF UTAH
Nguyen, Andrew University of Utah
Sarupria, Sapna Clemson University
Tse, John University
Yasuoka, Kenji Keio University

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