Workshop Details
Solar Solutions to Energy and Environmental Problems
08/08/2011 - 08/12/2011
Meeting Description:

The purpose of this workshop would be to bring together researchers in diverse fields who are studying ways to optimize the capture and utilization of solar energy. Invited speakers are working in areas such as nanotechnology, bio-inspired energy conversion, production of solar fuels, photovoltaics, photosynthesis, and photocatalysis. The pool of invitees below reflects those using theory, spectroscopy, and device fabrication to understand and improve the efficiency of solar energy conversion. By bringing together workers in various fields of science and engineering, the workshop will foster collaborations and inspired approaches to facing the global challenges that have resulted from our reliance on fossil fuels.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Aveune Telluride CO 81435

Solar Solutions to Energy and Environmental Problems Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Bardeen, Chris UC Riverside
Cao, Guozhong University of Washington
Dukovic, Gordana University of Colorado Boulder
Durrant, James Imperial College London
, Leif Uppsala University
Jaeger, Heather University of Rochester
Knorr, Fritz Washington State University
Li, Yat University of California, Santa Cruz
McCusker, James Michigan State University
McHale, Jeanne Washington State University
Moore, Ana Arizona State University
Moore, Thomas Arizona State University
Nozik, Arthur NREL
Parkinson, Bruce University of Wyoming
Peteanu, Linda Carnegie Mellon University
Scholes, Gregory University of Toronto
Tauber, Michael UC San Diego
van de Lagemaat, Jao National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Wasielewski, Michael Northwestern University
Zhang, Jin UC Santa Cruz

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