Workshop Details
Epithelial Physiology and Cell Biology
07/28/2008 - 08/01/2008
Meeting Description:

The goal of our workshop is to bring together experts who will present recent findings and generate discussions in the following areas: (i) structure and regulation of epithelial ion channels; (ii) structure and regulation of ion co-transporters, exchangers and pumps; and (iii) protein trafficking in epithelia.


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Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

Epithelial Physiology and Cell Biology Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Butterworth, Michael University of Pittsburgh
Hamm, Lee Tulane
Hughey, Rebecca Univ Pgh School Medicine
Kleyman, Thomas University of Pittsburgh
Kohan, Donald University of Utah
Kreindler, James University of Pennsylvania
Madden, Dean Dartmouth Medical School
Mueller, Gunhild University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Renal-Ele
Rubenstein, Ron Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Satlin, Lisa Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Subramanya, Arohan University of Maryland
Swiatecka-Urban, Agnieszka University of Pitsburgh
Welling, Paul University of Maryland Medical
[CLONE] Butterworth, Michael University of Pittsburgh

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