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The Complexity of Dynamics and Kinetics in Many Dimensions (Registration fee includes Lunch Sunday and Monday)
06/16/2013 - 06/20/2013
Meeting Description:

This workshop focuses on the complexity of dynamics and kinetics in complex systems, such as proteins, in terms of the underlying multidimensional energy landscape, the network structure in the conformational, or, in general, state space, and various mathematical models of nature. We aim at having an interdisciplinary meeting that brings both theoretical and experimental researchers together from
different fields including time series analysis, energy landscape, statistical physics, network theory, and single molecule biophysics.

The main questions to be addressed are:

1. What are the current and next generation experimental advances to probe the dynamics and kinetics of complex biophysical systems, such as
single molecule spectroscopy and microscopy, cell imaging, multi-parameter measurements, and what are the desired analysis methods to
scrutinize the observed data?

2. What are the appropriate mathematical languages to model complex dynamics and kinetics from experiments or computer simulations? How can the mathematical models be constructed from scalar, multivariate or imaging (spatiotemporal) data?

3. What are the dynamical and thermodynamical signatures of the constructed models? The related subjects are, for example, diffusion properties, memory effects, the quantification of multiple pathways on the energy landscape and the complex network and its relations to the
information processing of molecules, equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties.

4. If the constructed models are complicated, e.g. in the conformational-space network, how can the essential features be extracted and represented, such as coarse-grained models, quantifying
the large scale structure of networks, identifying reaction coordinates and flux?


This workshop is aimed at having an interdisciplinary meeting that brings together researchers in different fields to explore the
new, exciting, open questions, by stirring different disciplines. The time slot for each speaker is about one hour including 20-30 minutes interactive discussions with the audience. The program through a week is usually not fully occupied and allows the participants to exchange ideas in
more detail and think about new possible collaborations during the meeting.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, but have not received an invitation, please contact the workshop organizer about availability before registering. Most TSRC meetings are very small, typically only about 25 people

Supporting Files:

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 W Colorado Ave Telluride CO 81435

The Complexity of Dynamics and Kinetics in Many Dimensions (Registration fee includes Lunch Sunday and Monday) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Berry, R. Stephen The University of Chicago
Clementi, Cecilia Rice University
Crutchfield, James University of California, Davis
Green, Jason University of Massachusetts - Boston
Henkelman, Graeme University of Texas at Austin
Komatsuzaki, Tamiki Hokkaido university
Li, Chun-Biu Hokkaido Univ.
Makarov, Dmitrii UT Austin
Marcus, Andrew University of Oregon
Marsden, Anne University of Chicago
Nagahata, Yutaka Hokkaido University
Presse, Steve IUPUI
Scherer, Norbert University of Chicago
Teramoto, Hiroshi Hokkaido University
Wang, Jin Stony Brook University

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