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Frontiers in BioMagnetic Particles III Conference
06/02/2013 - 06/05/2013
Meeting Description:

Magnetic carriers are unique nano-materials with a wide range of biomedical, environmental, and technological impacts. This international event will bring scientists, engineers, medical professionals, and program managers together to discuss this rapidly growing and highly interdisciplinary field. Magnetic particles are an enabling technology for a wide variety of biomedical, chemical, electronic, and functional materials research because they provide a unique handle to manipulate and sense nanostructures. Because this field benefits especially well from cross-fertilization of ideas from chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering, is our goal to create a technical and social environment in which participants from diverse disciplines can discuss trends in research and form collaborations. Three specific topic areas will be highlighted. (a) Biosensors for therapeutics and imaging, (b) Magnetic separations, and (c) Other biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles.

Meeting Venue:

Ah Haa School for the Arts
300 S Townsend St Telluride, CO 81435

Frontiers in BioMagnetic Particles III Conference Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Andrew, Jennifer University of Florida
Anker, Jeffrey Clemson University
Bohorquez, Ana University of Florida
Borole, Abhijeet Quantum Design, International
Boss, Michael NIST
Boss, Michael NIST
Bouras, Alexandros Emory University
Chourey, Aashish Quantum Design International
Conolly, Steven University of California-Berkely
Cordeau, Yves Clemson University
David, Allan Auburn University
Davis, Kathleen Clemson University
Davis, Richey Virginia Tech
Dennis, Cindi NIST
Erb, Randall Northeastern University
Fellows, Benjamin Sandia National Lab
Glasgow, William Clemson University
Goldfarb, Ron NIST - Boulder
Goldman, Sara University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Gonzalez, Lina Carnegie Mellon University
Gusenbauer, Markus St.Poelten University of Applied Sciences
Gutierrez, Lucia Instituto do Ciencia de Materiales de Mardrid
Hafeli, Urs University of British Columbia
Huber, Dale Sandia National Labs
Jebb, Meghan Rice University
Kaluzova, Milota Emory University
Kopelman , Raoul University of Michigan
Kulkarni, Sandip University of Maryland
Majetich, Sara Carnegie Mellon University
Mefford, O. Thompson Clemson Univesity
Mefford, O. Thompson [2nd Reservation] Clemson Univesity
Meffre, Anca CNRS - INSA Toulouse, LPCNO
Moore, Lee Cleveland Clinic
Moreland, John National Institute of Standards and Technology
Morris, Stephanie NIH
Oniku, Ololade University of Florida
Ooi, Chin Chun Stanford
Pastor, Gustavo M. Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Ka
Rast, Lauren National Institute of Standards and Technology
Rice, Katie NIST
Rinaldi, Carlos University of Florida
Russek, Stephen NIST
Sharma, Anirudh U Minnesota
Spassov, Simo Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
St Pierre, Tim The University of Western Australia
Tikhomirov, Grigory Stanford University
, Etelka University of Szeged
Tran, Lesa Rice University
Usselman, Robert NIST
Vreeland, Erika Sandia National Laboratories
Wilson, Lon Rice University
Zeng, Zhiyang Promega Biosciences, Inc

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