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Physics of Emergent Correlated Materials
06/03/2013 - 06/07/2013
Meeting Description:

Materials with strong electronic correlation are currently at the forefront of research in condensed matter physics. These include materials such as the unconventional Fe-based superconductors, the skyrmion phase materials such as MnSi, the spin-ice systems, and the oxide interfaces between Mott insulators and band insulators. The workshop will focus on the phenomenology and the origin of these unconventional behaviors and will include both theorists and experimenters working actively on these systems. We expect that the Telluride meeting will stimulate intense discussions between the participants and foster new ideas towards the understanding of the correlated systems.


Generously sponsored in part by Oak Ridge National Lab and University of Missouri
Organizers: Professor Sashi Satpathy, University of Missouri, Email:
Dr. David J. Singh, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, Email:

If you are interested in attending a meeting, but have not received an invitation, please contact the workshop organizer about availability before registering. Most TSRC meetings are very small, typically only about 25 people

Meeting Venue:

The John and Anne Ryan Campus
459 West Dakota Telluride CO 81435

Physics of Emergent Correlated Materials Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Annett, James University of Bristol
Banerjee, Sumilan The Ohio State University
Bhattacharya, Anand Argonne National Laboratory
Biermann, Silke Ecole Polytechnique
Biswas, Amlan University of Florida
Chen, Ru University of California, Santa Barbara
Dasgupta, Indra Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Demkov, Alex University of Texas
Eckstein, James University of Illinois
Fiete, Gregory University of Texas at Austin
Hor, Yew San Missouri University of Science and Technology
Hossain, Suman Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Johnston, David Iowa State University
Kagawa, Fumitaka University of Tokyo
Kanazawa, Naoya University of Tokyo
Kelly, Paul University of Twente
Koster, Gertjan University of Twente
Lee, Jun-Sik Stanford University
Loidl, Alois Augsburg University
Mandrus, David University of Tennessee
Mannhart, Jochen Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
Meetei, Oinam Nganba Ohio State University
Pickett, Warren University of California Davis
Popovic, Zoran The Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Universit
Randeria, Mohit Ohio State University
Saha-Dasgupta, Tanusri S.N.Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
Satpathy, Sashi University of Missouri
Sherafati, Mohammad University of Missouri
Singh, David Oak Ridge National Lab.
Stemmer, Susanne University of California, Santa Barbara
Veedu, Shanavas University of Missouri

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