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Advances in Enhanced Sampling Algorithms
06/30/2014 - 07/04/2014
Meeting Description:

Enhanced sampling is one of the most important issues in computational biophysics research. In recent years, there have been some significant progresses in algorithmic development for systems of interest to both physicists and biophysicists. Those methods are related in their mathematical foundations, but also different in their applications. Typical examples include recent development on various generalized-ensemble-based sampling methods including those using Wang-Landau sampling scheme. The impact on studying complex biological macromolecules of these advanced simulation methods has just begun to emerge. In many cases, such as in free energy simulation of biomolecular processes, those new methods have shown to be transforming in terms of speed of calculation and efficiency of sampling. Thus, we believe that it will be timely to put together a Telluride workshop for the top-players to exchange ideas and to discuss future directions.


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Supporting Files:

TSRC July 2014 Schedule.docx
Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Telluride CO 81435

Advances in Enhanced Sampling Algorithms Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Chen, Jianhan Kansas State University
Costaouec, Ronan stanford university
Dickson, Bradley University of North Carolina
Faraldo-Gomez, Jose National Institutes of Health
Feig, Michael Michigan State University
Feig, Michael Michigan State University
Gobbo, Gianpaolo University of Edinburgh
Hamelberg, Donald Georgia State University
Hoppe, Travis NIH, NIDDK
Izaguirre, Jesus Univ. of Notre Dame
Leimkuhler, Benedict University of Edinburgh
MacCallum, Justin University of Calgary
Schlick, Tamar New York University
Schmidler, Scott Duke University
Skeel, Robert Purdue University
Wagoner, Jason Stony Brook University
Woolf, Tom Johns Hopkins University

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