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Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry
07/19/2009 - 07/25/2009
Meeting Description:

The field of theoretical and computational chemistry has traditionally been a key component within physical chemistry and chemical physics. More recently, theoretical chemistry has begun to assume important roles in biological chemistry and materials science as well. Most experimental scientists working in these disciplines have not had the background
necessary to gain a working knowledge of theory as it is used in their research disciplines. Because many of them want to make use of theory to interpret their data and to guide their research, they constitute one component of the student body for the proposed Schools. In addition, many faculty members who teach undergraduate chemistry, biology, and materials science classes want to incorporate computer modeling into the classroom. The Schools would offer them an efficient route for learning the theoretical and computational background needed to do so. Most imporantly, the Ph. D. and postdoctoral students entering theoretical and computational chemistry can also benefit. Most of these young people�s doctoral and postdoctoral work has focused on only a sub-set of theory�s main areas (electronic structure, dynamics, statistical mechanics, molecular modeling). Especially if they pursue an academic career, they will be expected to teach classes in a wider range of theoretical topics. Moreover, their research careers are likely to evolve in directions that will require them to become proficient in areas other than where their doctoral and postdoctoral work focused. These Schools offer them an excellent chance to broaden their knowledge and skill sets at an early career stage.

Each TSTC School will involve approximately six to eight hours of lectures on electronic structure theory, dynamics, and statistical mechanics as well as one topical subject that will change from School to School. Poster sessions for participants to describe their interests, outdoor recreation, and problem solving sessions will also be held.


2009 Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry (TSTC)

When? Sunday, July 19, 2009 (arrive by late afternoon) through Saturday, July 25, 2009
Where? Telluride, Colorado, USA

Topics and Lecturers:
Electronic Structure Theory - Professor Jack Simons, Univ. of Utah
Chemical Dynamics - Professor John Tully, Yale University
Statistical Mechanics - Professor Rigoberto Hernandez, Georgia Tech
Topical subject: Nanomaterials and molecular electronics - Professor Geoff Hutchinson, University of Pittsburgh

The School will include: approximately six to eight hours of lectures on each topic, poster sessions for participants to describe their interests, outdoor recreation, and problem solving sessions. There is wireless internet access, and participants are encouraged to bring their own PCs or Macs.

The School is intended for:
- Recent or soon-to-be theory Ph. D.s who need to acquire knowledge outside their graduate and postdoctoral experiences
- Experimental chemists (and from related fields) who use theory in their research - faculty, graduate students, and postdocs
- Faculty at predominantly undergraduate institutions who want to incorporate theory into their classes
There will be a total of only 20-30 participants.

Application procedure:
On-line application forms will be available here beginning September 1, 2008. Fill out on-line application form by November 15, 2008. You will be notified about your status by February 1, 2009. If you are admitted, you will need to return to the TSRC web site and register by March 31, 2009.

You must arrange and pay for your own transportation to and from Telluride.

TSTC will contribute substantially to you lodging expenses (as detailed at the registration and lodging web links), will pay for breakfasts, refreshment breaks, a picnic, and will give you a $30 per day allowance for you to use for other meals. Depending on funding, TSTC may also reimburse you for part of your registration fees (you will be informed of this when you receive your TSTC admission notice).

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Ave Telluride CO 81435

Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Abramov, Alexander Heriot-Watt University
Agbo, Johnson Sterling College
Bates, Desiree University of Mississippi
Burns, Lori Yale Chemistry
Das, Avisek Stanford University
Estler, Ron Fort Lewis College
FitzPatrick, Benj University of Chicago
Haunschild, Robin Rice University
Hutchison, Geoffrey University of Pittsburgh
Jacobson, Leif the Ohio State University
Jacobson, Liam University of Utah
Layfield, Joshua Virginia Tech.
Marino, Kristen Princeton University
McRobbie, Porscha University of Michigan
Morton, Seth The Pennylvania State University Dept. of Chemistr
Nagesh, Jayashree University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nangia, Shivangi Pennsylvania State University
Neff, Diane University of Utah Dept. of Chemistry
Perez-Paz, Alejandro New York University (Chemistry Department)
Ringer, Ashley Georgia Tech
Rivera-Rivera, Luis Texas A&M University
Rossky, Peter Univ of Texas Austin
Saunders, Marissa University of Utah
Shahrokh, Kiumars University of Utah
Simons, Jack Univ of Utah
Swenson, David UC Berkeley
Tucker, Ashley Georgia Institute of Technology
Tully, John Department of Chemistry
Van Wart, Adam University of California at Irvine
Van Wynsberghe, Adam University of California-San Diego
Vincent, Jordan UC-Irvine
Xu, Jiawei University of Pittsburgh
Zhang, Yuemei NC State University
Zwickl, Jill Yale University

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