Workshop Details
08/12/2014 - 08/15/2014
Meeting Description:

This conference brings together leading researchers in the field of excitonic solar cells with a focus on organic systems. Topics will address fundamental aspects such as: materials design, synthesis, and growth; combinatorial materials development (both experimental and computational); photophysics and exciton dynamics; charge generation, transport, and recombination studies; models of device physics; interface and electrode optimization; multijunction device architectures; and novel photophysical mechanisms such as singlet fission. Also of interest are some of the more applied aspects such as stability studies, and the development of scalable fabrication methods for devices and modules. An overriding goal of the workshop is to generate discussions of the global energy outlook and the potential impact of emerging exciton-based PV technologies.

NEAL ARMSTRONG, University of Arizona
ERIN RATCLIFF, University of Arizona
IFOR SAMUEL, University of St Andrews, UK
MORITZ RIEDE, University of Oxford, UK
SETH MARDER, Georgia Institute of Technology
ARTHI JAYARAMAN, University of Delaware
ALESSANDRO TROISI, University of Warwick, UK
CHARLES MUSGRAVE, University of Colorado, Boulder
MARK LUSK, Colorado School of Mines
JOHN MILLER, Brookhaven National Laboratory
CHRIS MCNIELL, Monash University, Australia
THOMAS RUSSELL, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
HARALD ADE, North Carolina State University
DEAN DELONGCHAMP, National Institute of Standards and Technology
MICHAEL CHABINYC, University of California, Santa Barbara
MARK DADMUN, University of Tennessee/Oakridge National Lab
BARRY THOMPSON, University of Southern California
PAUL BURN, University of Queensland, Australia
CHRISTINE LUSCOMBE, University of Washington
PETER SKABARA, University of Strathclyde, UK
MARTIN HEENEY, Imperial College, UK
JOHN ANTHONY, University of Kentucky
ALAN SELLINGER, Colorado School of Mines
KEES HUMMELEN, University of Groningen, Netherlands
STEVEN STRAUSS, Colorado State University
OLEG POLUEKTOV, Argonne National Lab
STEPHEN BRADFORTH, University of Southern California
MIKE BARNES, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
JUSTIN HODGKISS, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
JOHN ASBURY, Pennsylvania State University
NATALIE BANERJI, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
CARLOS SILVA, University of Montreal, Canada
LIN CHEN, Northwestern University/Argonne National Lab
MIKE MCGEHEE, Stanford University
BRIAN O'REGAN, Imperial College, UK
NAOMI GINSBERG, University of California Berkeley
DAVID VANDEN BOUT, University of Texas, Austin
GENEVIÈVE SAUVÉ, Case Western Reserve University
PAUL MEREDITH, University of Queensland, Australia


Registration is open to all those interested.

Poster Abstract Submissions:
Those wishing to attend the conference and present a poster, should please submit a title and abstract of no more than 1/2 a page, by email, to Nikos Kopidakis ( Poster space is at a premium, so please ensure that your poster is no wider than 36" (or 1 m).

Garry Rumbles, NREL and University of Colorado at Boulder

Jao van de Lagemaat, NREL

Sean Shaheen, University of Colorado at Boulder

Dana Olson, NREL

Nikos Kopidakis, NREL

Meeting Venue:

The Palm Theatre
725 W. Colorado Telluride CO 81435

Excitonic Photovoltaics (XPV) 2014 (REGISTRATION FOR INVITED SPEAKERS, FACULTY, & SCIENTISTS) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Ade, Harald North Carolina State University
Amassian, Aram KAUST
Anthony, John University of Kentucky
Banerji, Natalie EPFL
Boltalina, Olga Colorado State University
Bradforth, Stephen USC
Briseno, Alejandro UMass Amherst
Burn, Paul University of Queensland
Chabinyc, Michael University of California Santa Barbara
Chantler, Regine CSIRO
Chen, Lin Argonne National Lab
Cook, Andrew Brookhaven National Lab
Ginsberg, Naomi UC Berkeley
Gomez, Enrique The Pennsylvania State University
Gomez, Enrique [2nd Reservation] The Pennsylvania State University
Heeney, Martin Imperial College London
Hodgkiss, Justin Victoria University of Wellington
Irwin, Michael Hunt Energy Enterprises
Jasieniak, Jacek CSIRO
Jayaraman, Arthi University of Colorado at Boulder
Jones, David University of Melbourne
Kassal, Ivan University of Queensland
Lusk, Mark Colorado School of Mines
Marder, Seth Georgia Institute of Technology
McNeill, Chris Monash University
Meredith, Paul University of Queensland
Miller, John Brookhaven National Lab
O Regan, Brian Imperial College London
Ostrowski, David NREL
Poluektov, Oleg Argonne National Laboratory
Ratcliff, Erin University of Arizona
Reid, Obadiah University of Colorado, Boulder
Riede, Moritz University of Oxford
Rumbles, Garry NREL
Samuel, Ifor University of St Andrews
Sauve, Genevieve Case Western Reserve University
Scholes, Fiona CSIRO
Sellinger, Alan Colorado School of Miines/NREL
Shaheen, Sean University of Colorado
Silva, Carlos Universtité de Montréal
Skabara, Peter University of Strathclyde
Stingelin, Natalie Imperial College London
Strauss, Steven Colorado State University
Troisi, Alessandro University of Warwick
Vak, Doojin CSIRO
van de Lagemaat, Jao National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Vandewal, Koen TU Dresden
Watkins, Scott CSIRO
Wilson, Gerard CSIRO
Zaikowski, Lori Brookhaven National Laboratory
Zimmerman, Jeramy Colorado School of Mines

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