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American Conference on Theoretical Chemistry (ACTC) 2014 (REGISTRATION FOR STUDENTS & POSTDOCS ONLY)
07/20/2014 - 07/25/2014
Meeting Description:

Theoretical chemists, please join us for ACTC 2014 in the stunning mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, July 20-25, 2014.

ACTC 2014 will feature a week of superb plenary seminars presented by a diverse group of exceptional scientists working at the frontiers of theory, with ample time in the schedule for both formal discussion while in session and informal discussions on the local mountain trails. In keeping with the tradition of the ACTC, the program will address a broad range of current work, ranging from the electronic structure of materials to the structure of membranes. Poster sessions will provide the opportunity for all participants to present their own work to the theoretical chemistry community.

The Telluride Science Research Center is proud to host ACTC 2014 organized by University of Wisconsin - Madison Professor James L. Skinner and vice-chaired by Pennsylvania State University Professor Sharon Hammes-Schiffer.

Held every three years since 1972, ACTC is widely attended by chemists from both the United States and abroad. The meeting grew from the biennial Gordon Research Conference on Theoretical Chemistry, held from 1962-1970.


Registration is open to all those interested.

ACTC 2014 will be held in the beautiful, state-of-the-art Palm Theatre in the historic mining town of Telluride, Colorado, within walking distance of all the town’s amenities. Built with comfortable tiered seating, fabulous acoustics, and a stage that facilitates easy viewing, the Palm is a perfect place for ACTC. Outside the theatre, under airy tents on the school’s sports field and beneath the imposing silhouettes of Ajax and Ballard Peaks, ACTC participants will enjoy delicious, healthy, meals periodically throughout the week.

**Please be sure to register early to secure lodging in the town of Telluride at economical rate. The cheapest accommodation may not be available if you register late**

Meeting Venue:

Palm Theatre
721 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

American Conference on Theoretical Chemistry (ACTC) 2014 (REGISTRATION FOR STUDENTS & POSTDOCS ONLY) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Acharya, Atanu University of Southern California
Agnihotri, Mithila Ohio State University
Amaran, Saieswari University of Arkansas
Archer, Kaye University of Pittsburgh
Bajaj, Pushp University of California San Diego
Bakr, Brandon Georgia Institute of Technology
Bao, Kevin University of California, San Diego
Bauman, Nicholas Michigan State University
Bendavid, Leah Stanford University
Bradley, Ryan University of Pennsylvania
Bricker, William Washington University in St. Louis
Carr, Joshua University of Wisconsin at Madison
Chen, Hsing-Ta Columbia University
Chen, Si-Han The Ohio State University
Cheng, Jin Princeton University
Chuang, Chern MIT
Chulhai, Dhabih Pennsylvania State University
Daly, Clyde University of Notre Dame
Deible, Michael University of Pittsburgh
Dillon, Joseph Johns Hopkins University
Dinica, Olivia UT Austin
Dunn, Nick Pennsylvania State University
Fales, Bryan MIchigan State University
Fan, Lin Stanford University
Flynn, Shane University of Massachusetts Boston
Fornace, Mark California Institute of Technology
Ghosh, Soumya University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Goldey, Matthew University of California, Berkeley
Goyal, Puja University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gunina, Anastasia University of Southern California
Haws, Ryan University of Texas - Austin
Hohenstein, Edward Stanford University
Hu, Longhua National Institutes of Health
Hu, Zhongwei The Pennsylvania State University
Hudait, Arpa University of Utah
Huynh, Mioy UIUC
Jain, Amber UW Madison
Kann, Zachary University of Wisconsin - Madison
Khaliullin, Rustam Universität Mainz
Kirnosov, Nikita University of Arizona
Kumar, Abhinaw University of Utah
Kunitsa, Alexander Boston University
Lao, Ka un The Ohio State University
Lee, Joonho California Institute of Technology
Lehtola, Susi Aalto University
Lessio, Martina Princeton University
Liu, Fang Stanford University
Liu, Hanchao Emory University
Lu, Jibao the University of Utah
Madison, Lindsey Northwestern University
Malbon, Christopher Johns Hopkins University
Mandal, Anirban Michigan State University
Mantha, Sriteja University of Wisconsin Madison
Marjolin, Aude University of Pittsburgh
Mavros, Michael Massachusetts Institute of Technology
McDaniel, Jesse University of Wisconsin-Madison
McHugh, Sean Tufts University
McKiernan, Keri Stanford University
Miliordos, Evangelos Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Miyabe, Shungo Stanford
Montoya-Castillo, Andres Columbia University
Moore, Justin Pennsylvania State University
Mukherjee, Soumyodipto Columbia University
Mullen, Ryan UC Santa Barbara
Nguyen, Andrew University of Utah
Nguyen, Triet University of Notre Dame
Nochebuena, Jorge Metropolitan Autonomous University
Patra, Niladri Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Petit, Andrew University of Pennsylvania Department of Chemistry
Plotnikov, Nikolay Stanford University
Qiu, Yuqing University of Utah
Rubenstein, Brenda Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Rudzinski, Joe Pennsylvania State University
Shen, Jun Michigan State University
Shin, Sucheol MIT
Shu, Yinan Michigan State University
Sisto, Aaron Stanford University
Slough, Diana Tufts University
Smith, Daniel Auburn University
Solvik, Kylen Haverford College
Son, Chang Yun UW-MADISON
Song, Bin University of Utah
Stuck, David University of California, Berkeley
Sun, Xiang University of Michigan
Tan, Ting Princeton University
Tolbatov, Iogann Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory
Tsuchimochi, Takashi Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wagner, Jacob University of Chicago
Wang, Lee-Ping Stanford University
Wang, Lu Stanford University
Wang, Nuo University of California, San Diego
Wang, Xun University of Pittsburgh
Weber, Rebecca University of North Texas
Welborn, Matthew MIT
Welden, Alicia University of Michigan
Xie, Jing Texas Tech University
Yu, Kuang Princeton University
Zhang, Ge Princeton University
Zhang, Sixue University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Zhu, Xiaolei The Johns Hopkins University
Zhuang, Yuan Duke University

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