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Advances in theory of electronic resonances: A workshop in honor of Howard Taylor
07/20/2015 - 07/24/2015
Meeting Description:

The workshop is dedicated to Prof. Howard Taylor for his extraordinary contributions to the theory and computation of resonances in atoms and
molecules via the Stabilization Method. The aim of the workshop is to facilitate in-depth discussions of current trends in theoretical description of metastable electronic states. The event brings together people who approach this challenge by various methods ranging from scattering theory to complex absorbing potentials, complex scaling, R-matrix, stabilization techniques, etc. The program will include several introductory lectures as well as research presentations and ample discussion time. A special session dedicated to Stabilization Method pioneered by Prof. Howard Taylor will begin with an overview lecture delivered by Prof. Ken Jordan.

Prof. Anna Krylov, Department of Chemistry, University of Southern
California, Los Angeles, USA

Prof. Ksenia Bravaya, Department of Chemistry, Boston University, Boston, USA

Honorary Chair: Prof. Nimrod Moiseyev, Technion, Haifa, Israel


The target number of participants is 20-25 people. The aim is to have a significant fraction of young researchers.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Elementary School
447 West Columbia Ave Telluride CO 81435

Advances in theory of electronic resonances: A workshop in honor of Howard Taylor Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Averbukh, Vitali Imperial College London
Bravaya, Ksenia Boston University
Ernzerhof, Matthias University of Montreal
Falcetta, Michael Grove City College
Greene, Chris Purdue University
Haritan, Idan Technion
Haritan, Idan [2nd Reservation] Technion
Haxton, Daniel lawrence berkeley national laboratory
Izmaylov, Artur University of Toronto
Jagau, Thomas University of Southern California
Jordan, Kenneth University of Pittsburgh
Klaiman, Shachar University of Heidelberg
Krylov, Anna USC
Kunitsa, Alexander Boston University
Landau, Arik Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Moiseyev, Nimrod Technion-Israel Institiute of Technology
Neuhauser, Daniel UCLA
Reinhardt, William Univ of Maryland
Skomorowski, Wojciech University of Kassel
Wasserman, Adam Purdue University
Wenzel, Jan Heidelberg University
White, Alec University of California Berkeley
Yeager, Danny Texas A&M University

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