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Many-Body Interactions: From Quantum Mechanics to Force Fields
07/09/2018 - 07/13/2018
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This workshop was supported in part by the Center from Simulation and Modeling, Univ. of Pittsburgh (

Simulations of complex materials and chemical and biological systems requires the use of model potentials (force fields). As a consequence, the results of the simulations are "only as good as the force field employed." In principle, high-level electronic structure calculations on appropriate model systems can provide the information needed for generating accurate force fields. This workshop brings together researchers with expertise in force field development and those with expertise in electronic structure methods.


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Supporting Files:

MBI Schedule 4-Jul-2018.docx
Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Ave Telluride, CO 81435

Many-Body Interactions: From Quantum Mechanics to Force Fields Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Aviat, Félix Sorbonne Université
Borca, Carlos H. Georgia Institute of Technology
Bresnahan, Caitlin Louisiana State University
Brooks, Bernard National Institutes of Health
Brown, Sandra University of California, San Diego
Chakraborty, Arindam Syracuse University
Choi, Tae Hoon University of Pittsburgh
fain, boris InterX Inc
Goetz, Andreas University of California San Diego
GOKCAN, Hatice University of North Texas
Head-Gordon, Teresa University of California, Berkeley
Herzfeld, Judith Brandeis University
Hesselmann, Andreas University of Erlangen
Isayev, Olexandr University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jordan, Kenneth *University of Pittsburgh
Klepeis, John D. E. Shaw Research
Koziol, Lucas ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research
Naseem-Khan, Sehr Sorbonne Université
Nocito, Dominique University of California Riverside
Pereyaslavets, Leonid InterX Inc
Piquemal, Jean Philip Sorbonne Université
Podeszwa, Rafal Institute of Chemistry
Ponder, Jay Washington University
Rackers, Joshua Washington University in St. Louis
Ren, Pengyu The University of Texas at Austin
Schmidt, J.R. University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sherrill, David Georgia Institute of Technology
Steckel, Jan Department of Energy
Szalewicz, Krzysztof University of Delaware
Szekely, Eszter University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering
Tkatchenko, Alexandre University of Luxembourg
von Lilienfeld, Anatole University of Basel
Wang, Feng University of Arkansas

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