Workshop Details
Quantum Frontiers in Molecular Science
06/26/2018 - 06/30/2018
Meeting Description:

This workshop is intended to promote interactions and catalyze collaborations between theorists and experimentalists who seek to advance frontiers of molecular science where novel quantum mechanical effects play an important role. Topics of interest include using coherence and entanglement to enhance the function of molecular systems, exploring unconventional regimes of light-matter interactions (molecules in cavities or intense laser environments) to recreate nontrivial states of matter, gauge fields and control molecular phenomena, and exploring the possible impact of recent developments of quantum mechanics in the molecular sciences. There is a large number of TSRC workshops intended for computational methods in electronic structure and dynamics, but not so many for the discussion of new phenomena and theoretical concepts; this workshop aims to fill this gap.


If you are interested in attending a meeting, but have not received an invitation, please contact the workshop organizer about availability before registering. If you have registered for a meeting you were not invited to, you may be subject to a $100 fee. Most TSRC meetings are very small, typically only about 25 people.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Ave Telluride, CO 81435

Quantum Frontiers in Molecular Science Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Ayuso, David Max Born Institute
Bacic, Zlatko New York University
Bittner, Eric University of Houston
Cina, Jeffrey University of Oregon
de Vivie-Riedle, Regina LMU
Ernstorfer, Ralph Fritz Haber Institute Berlin
Feist, Johannes Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Franco, Ignacio University of Rochester
Garashchuk, Sophya University of South Carolina
Goldfield, Evelyn National Science Foundation
Hansen, Thorsten University of Copenhagen
Heide, Christian University Erlangen-Nürnberg
Herrera, Felipe Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Huo, Pengfei University of Rochester
Kassal, Ivan University of Sydney
Keeling, Jonathan University of St Andrews
Kena-Cohen, Stephane Polytechnique Montreal
Kleinekathoefer, Ulrich Jacobs University Bremen
Kowalewski, Markus University of California, Irvine
Krich, Jacob University of Ottawa
Marcus, Andrew University of Oregon
Masiello, David J. University of Washington
Narang, Prineha Harvard University
Palacios, Alicia Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Reppert, Mike University of Toronto
Saikin, Semion Harvard University
Sandoghdar, Vahid Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
Stolow, Albert University of Ottawa
Yuen-Zhou, Joel UC San Diego

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