Workshop Details
Geometrical Thermodynamics
07/06/1985 - 07/31/1985
Meeting Description:



The Center will run on a format of one scheduled talk per day with the remainder of the time available for individual work or collaborations in an inspiring and undisturbed environment. The Center will provide meeting rooms and limited office space for participants, some secretarial services and a collection of microcomputers to be used for numerical work as well as for the editing of papers. The center has no library facilities so please bring any references you consider indispensable. A $50 registration fee will be charged and each participant is responsible for their own summer salary, travel and living expenses. The workshops expect to have only a small sum available to assist needy participants.

Martin Carrera, University of Chicago
James Nulton, San Diego City College
Ceferino Obcemea, University of Florida
John Robinson, Burroughs Corp.
George Ruppeiner, New College
Peter Salamon, San Diego State University

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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