Workshop Details
Simulated Annealing
06/30/1986 - 07/20/1986
Meeting Description:

The expected focus of the workshop will be the relation between thermodynamics properties of combinatorial problems and the convergence of various annealing schedules. In particular, we will explore the problem of how to select optimal annealing schedules given heat capacities and relaxation times as functions of temperatures.


Workshops at the center are informal gatherings intended to advance the research on site as opposed to communicating findings. While the workshop will have a preselected list of doable and shareable problems, participants are strongly encouraged to add to the pool.

The formate is one formal talk per day with ample time for serious collaboration. As such it is recommended that stay be at least two weeks in duration. The Telluride locale offers ample outdoor attractions which make such stays enjoyable for families as well.

Participants List:
Bjarne Andresen, University of Denmark
Steve Berry, University of Chicago
Michael Davis, Argonne National Laboratory
Nelson De Leon, Yale University
Dieter Eichenauer, University of Waterloo
Greg Ezra, Cornell University
David Farrelly, UCLA
John Frederick, University of Washington
Larry Fried, Cornell University
Bill Harter, University of Arkansas
Daniel Huber, University of Washington
Charles Jaffe, West Virginia University
Julius Jellinek, Argonne National Laboratory
Kenneth Kay, Kansas State University
Mike Kellman, Northeastern University
Kevin Lehmann, Princeton University
Craig Martens, Cornell University
Steven Neshyba, Yale University
Jim Nulton, San Diego City College
Eric Parks, Argonne National Laboratory
Robert Parson, University of Washington
Jacob Morch Pedersen, University of Denmark
Jean Paul Pique, MIT
David Podber, University of Oregon
John Robinson, Burroughs Corportation
Henry Rohrs, University of Colorado
George Ruppeiner, New College Florida
Peter Salamon, San Diego State University
Ned Sinert, University of California Berkeley
Rex Skodje, University of Colorado
T. Uzer, Georgia Tech
Chen Yong-Q, MIT

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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