Workshop Details
Finite Time, Thermodynamics and Simulated Annealing
07/05/1988 - 07/26/1988
Meeting Description:



The number of participants were roughly 20-25 per workshop.

Participant List:
Arley Anderson, University of Maryland
Zlatko Bacic, Los Alamos National Lab
Jerry Bernholc, NC State University
Steven Berry, University of Chicago
Jan Blocki, Inst. for Nuclear Research, Poland
Gil Bor, University of California, Berkeley
Robert Easton, University of Colorado
Christopher Essex, University of Western Ontario
John Frederick, University of Nevada
Eric Friedman, University of California, Berkeley
Stephen Gray, Northern Illinois University
Martin Gutzwiller, IBM Research Center
Mike Kellman, Northeastern University
Steve Knudson, College of William and Mary
Zhiming Li, Northeastern University
Florence Lin, University of California Berkeley
Wen-Chien Lin, University of Texas, Austin
Robert Littlejohn, University of California Berkeley
Leo Michelotti, Fermilab
Leo Moorman, SUNY at Stony Brook
Klaus Mosegaard, Univ. of Copenhagen Denmark
James Nulton, San Diego State University
Andrew Ogielski, Bell Communications Lab
Robert Parson, University of Colorado Boulder
Randall Shirts, University of Utah
Paolo Sibani, University of Denmark
Edwin Sibert, University of Wisconsin
Stanislaw Sieniutycz, Warsaw Technical University, Poland
Jack Simon, University of Utah
Rex Skodje, University of Colorado Boulder

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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