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Telluride School on Electrochemical Energy Storage
06/22/2021 - 06/26/2021
Meeting Description:

The purpose of this Telluride Science Research Center (TSRC) summer school is to encourage communication and discussion of new ideas related to chemistry and charge transfer at interfaces. These phenomena are essential ingredients for understanding and optimizing electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices such as batteries, supercapacitors, fuel and solar cells. Experimental tools with increased spatial and temporal resolution, as well as novel theoretical methods, are both needed to characterize interfacial processes in these systems. Growing interest in vehicle electrification and grid-based storage has driven this area to become increasingly interdisciplinary. Furthermore, opportunities exist to more closely link experiment and theory. This workshop will foster the formation of these linkages by bringing together top scientists from academia, industry, and government. Experimental and theoretical talks will be interwoven to facilitate closing the "experiment-theory loop."

The Telluride School on Electrochemical Energy Storage, will cover both experimental and theoretical principles, methods, and approaches relevant to the design of advanced energy conversion and storage applications. This school will consist of a team-taught group of experts. This course will foster and better train the next generation of scientists and engineers to proficiently work in this now very interdisciplinary and rapidly accelerating field of research and technological development.

For 2021, the tentative list of topics includes:

Electrocatalysis of earth abundant materials
High power and high energy density supercapacitors
In operando microscopy: fundamentals and recent advances of electrochemical materials
Ion-coupled electron transfer measurements of intercalation based materials
Crystal chemistry tools in search, design and analysis of metal-ion battery materials
Redox flow batteries for charging both electric & hydrogen cars
New electrode materials for Li-, Na-, and K-ion batteries
Liquid and solid state electrolytes as potential candidates for next generation batteries
Theory and simulation of electrochemical materials and interfaces

2021 Faculty

Artem Abakumov (Skoltech)
Veronica Augustyn (NC State)
Partha Mukherjee (Purdue)
Fikile Brushett (MIT)
Jordi Cabana (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago)
Neil Dasgupta (Michigan)
Stansilav Fedotov (Skoltech)
Victoria Nikitina (Skoltech)
Don Siegel (Michigan)
Keith Stevenson (Skoltech)
Rohini Bala Chandran (Michigan)


The acceptance notification and registration instructions will go out May 13th. Students will be required to commit and register by May 25th.

Meeting Venue:


Telluride School on Electrochemical Energy Storage Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Cashen, Ryan University of Wisconsin - Madison
Chagnot, Matthew North Carolina State University
Chatterjee, Debanjali Purdue University
Cho, Tae University of Michigan
Duan, Dawn Northwestern University
Ford, Hunter University of Notre Dame
Ghosh, Shuvajit Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Imtiaz, Sumair University of Limerick, Ireland
Krizan, Alenka National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia
Liao, Daniel University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Long, Daniel Sandia National Laboratories
Lorenz, Dakota Colorado State University
Maughan, Annalise National Renewable Energy Laboratory
MAZUMDER, MD MOTIUR Auburn University
Müller, André Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
Milam, Adam University of Utah
Naik, Kaustubh Girish Purdue University
Nieto, Kelly Colorado State University
Olide, Everardo University of Michigan
Ortiz, Jessica University of California Davis
Ozdogru, Bertan Oklahoma State University
Park, Chisang University of Michigan
Pham, Hong Duc Queensland University of Technology
Plečkaitytė, Gintarė Center for physical sciences and technology
Rhodes, Zayn University of Utah
Ritter, Kabian UC Davis
Roy, Indrani University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Chemistry
Saeed, Saeed NC State University
Salzer, Luke Colorado State University
Sarkar, Susmita Purdue University
Simoska, Olja University of Utah
Soni, Abhishek Tesla
Sripad, Shashank Carnegie Mellon University
Stiles, Joseph Princeton University
Suvlu, Dylan MIT
WALIMBE, PRATIK Purdue University
Wang, Ruocun North Carolina State University
Wei, Xuan KAUST

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