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Topological Phases (aka Geometric phases)
07/29/1990 - 08/04/1990
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Topological (or Geometric) Phases


R. Stephen Berry, University of Chicago
Aurel Bulgac, University of Washington
Jeffrey Cina, University of Oregon
Heidi L. Davis, UC Davis
George Hagedorn
Peter M. Felker
Y. Liang
Robert Littlejohn
Alden Mead
Richard Montgomery
Tibur Pacher
John Ralston
Victor Romero-Rochin
William Reinhardt
Hern P. Schmelcher
Jan Segert
Robert Tycho
R.L. Whetten
Josef Wanziger
Frank Wilzcek
Li Yin
Tony Zee
Joe Zwanziger
Bernard Zygelman

Monday, July 30, 1990
A. Mead, "Relation between gauge potentials arising from geometric phase and "actual" potentials
R. Montgomery: Intersection of mathematics with experiment: geometric phase as a control problem

J. Cina, " Making a molecule pseudorotate by irradiation; experimental measurement of phases of wave packets"

Wednesday: R. Tycho, "Geometric phase as source of dephasing in nuclear quadrupole resonance and other spectra"
J. Zwanziger (not recorded)
A. Bulgac, "Structure of effective gauge-field collective Hamiltonian in nuclear physics"

Thursday: G. Hagedorn, "Mathematical results for time-dependent Born-Oppenheimer approximation in the vicinity of a crossing
T. Pacher, "Problem of obtaining a quasidiabatic basis for molecular calculations

Friday: B. Zygelman, "Gauge theory of diatomic molecular structure: Rotational structure, monopole harmonics; Theory of long-range forces; Geometric phase in slow atomic collisions"
L. Yin, "Rotational structure of diatomic molecule terms from point of view of gauge theory"
Saturday: S. Berry, H. Davis (not recorded)

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Elementary School

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