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Neural Networks
07/08/1990 - 07/22/1990
Meeting Description:

New Training methods and architectures, Fault Tolerant Ensembles, Global Optimization, the use of statistical methods for accelerating and analyzing network training and performance, parallel processor implementation, comparative studies of Quality Control by NN and other statistical methods.

This workshop will be devoted to aspects of neural networks important for their application to information processing and modelling, and for their interface to global optimization and other statistical methods.


The format of the sessions is to take a prepared one hour talk and turn it into a careful and detailed cross examination lasting 4-5 hours. This format has proved in past years to be an outstanding way to rapidly understand new ideas, and we invite you to share in the learning experience that viewing each other's work under such scrutiny can provide. The discussions aim to be constructive rather than critical, and all possible attempts will be made to relate the efforts to the open problems of the workshop.

Individual participants are expected to provide their own salaries. Academic and research institutions have recognized the value of participating in the Center's activities and have been willing to pay for work performed at the Center. The Center offers an excellent way to meet collaborators from other institutions through coordinated visits. Extended stays are thus recommended. The Telluride locale, situated in an unspoiled valley near 4200 m high mountain peaks in the south west corner of Colorado, offers ample outdoor attractions making such stays enjoyable for families as well.

Claudia Alvarado, Tulane University
Thomas Baeck, Dortmund University Germany
Don Booker, Pace University
Ben Felts, Yale University
Lars Kai Hansen, Andrex Radiation Products, Copenhagen
James Nulton, San Diego City College
Andrew Ogielski, Bell Communications Research
Raj Pathria, Waterloo- Ontario -Canada
Peter Salamon, San Diego State University
Christian Schon, San Diego State University
Gabino Torres-Vega, University of Nevada

Talks Included (may not be a complete list)

Lars Kai Hansen
Neural Networks, Signal Processing

Peter Salamon
Optimal shapes; sintering; clusters

Ben Felts
Neural Networks

James Nulton
Simulated Annealing; Thermodynamics of Radiation, Neural Nets

Raj Pathria
Statistical Mechanics, Phase Transitions

Christian Schön
Clusters; Simulated Annealing

Don Booker
Neural Nets; Genetic Algrithms; Dynamical Systems

Meeting Venue:

Telluride School

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