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Information Engines at the Frontiers of Nanoscale Thermodynamics (VIRTUAL WORKSHOP)
07/22/2021 - 07/30/2021
Meeting Description:

Synthetic nanoscale machines, like their macromolecular biological counterparts, perform tasks that involve the simultaneous manipulation of energy, information, and matter. In this they are information engines systems with two inextricably intertwined characters. The first aspect, call it physical, is the one in which the system is seen embedded in a material substrate that is driven by, manipulates, stores, and dissipates energy. The second aspect, call it informational, is the one in which the system is seen in terms of its spatial and temporal organization generates, stores, loses, and transforms information. Information engines operate by synergistically balancing both aspects to support a given functionality, such as extracting work from a heat reservoir. Recent years witnessed remarkable progress in the theoretical understanding and experimental exploration of how physical systems compute, process, and transfer information. We are on the verge of a synthesis that will allow us to account for a new thermodynamics of information. As we continue to develop a deeper understanding of the world around us, the fundamental question arises, How does nature compute? Numerous researchers, both theorists and experimentalists, are working towards understanding how information is transferred through and transformed at the nanoscale -- with applications ranging from biological systems to quantum devices. The aim of this workshop is to exchange ideas from research in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics, Classical and Quantum Information, Statistical Mechanics, Biophysics, and Nonlinear Dynamics. These questions are relevant in a wide variety of fields including Nanoscale Statistical Mechanics, Finite-Time Thermodynamics, Quantum Thermodynamics, Quantum Computation, Quantum Communication, Quantum Optimal Control Theory, and Biological Physics.


Students and post docs can register for $50 by emailing

TSRC is about expanding the frontiers of science, exploring new ideas, and building collaborations. The workshop schedule will allow for substantial unstructured time for participants to talk and think. All participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the workshop.

With a workshop organizer's approval, students/post docs/lab members/retired senior scientists can register for $50 if they are not participating as a presenter. Please register at the normal rate and send an email to Sara Friedberg ( to let her know that you would like to participate at that rate. When you email her, please include the name of the workshop and the name of the workshop organizer who approved that participation rate. Thank you!

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Information Engines at the Frontiers of Nanoscale Thermodynamics (VIRTUAL WORKSHOP) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Anza, Fabio University of California, Davis
Bonanca, Marcus University of Campinas
Boyd, Alec California Institute of Technology
Burke, Korana UC Davis
Cakmak, Baris Bahcesehir University
Campbell, Steve University College Dublin
Deffner, Sebastian UMBC
DeWeese, Michael UC Berkeley
Ehrich, Jannik Simon Fraser University
Freitas, Nahuel University of Luxembourg
Frim, Adam UC Berkeley
Garner, Andrew Nanyang Technological University
Gier, David UC Davis
Halpern, Nicole Yunger Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Hinczewski, Michael Case Western Reserve University
Hodson, Wade University of Maryland, College Park
Jarzynski, Christopher University of Maryland, College Park
Jurgens, Alexandra University of California - Davis
Latune, Camille Lombard University of KwaZulu-Natal
Limmer, David UC Berkeley
Llobet, Marti Perarnau University of Geneva
Lutz, Eric University of Stuttgart
Marzen, Sarah MIT
Myers, Nathan University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Pastorello, Davide University of Trento
Peña, Francisco Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Rahav, Saar Technion - Israel institute of technology
Ray, Kyle UC Davis
Riechers, Paul Nanyang Technological University
Roth, Clara Institute for Theoretical Physics I, University of Stuttgart
Rupe, Adam Los Alamos National Laboratory
Semaan, Mikhael UC Davis
Touil, Akram University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Valecha, Bhavesh University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
Wadia, Neha UC Berkeley
Wang, Jin Stony Brook University
Wimsatt, Gregory University of California, Davis
Zhong, Adrianne UC Berkeley

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