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Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry (Students Only Registration - VIRTUAL)
07/19/2021 - 07/23/2021
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The field of theoretical and computational chemistry has traditionally been a key component within physical chemistry and chemical physics. More recently, theoretical chemistry has begun to assume important roles in biological chemistry and materials science as well. Most experimental scientists working in these disciplines have not had the background necessary to gain a working knowledge of theory as it is used in their research disciplines. Because many of them want to make use of theory to interpret their data and to guide their research, they constitute one component of the student body for the proposed schools. In addition, many faculty members who teach undergraduate chemistry, biology, and materials science classes want to incorporate computer modeling into the classroom. The schools would offer them an efficient route for learning the theoretical and computational background needed to do so. Most importantly, the Ph. D. and postdoctoral students entering theoretical and computational chemistry can also benefit. Most of these young peoples' doctoral and postdoctoral work has focused on only a sub-set of theory's main areas (electronic structure, dynamics, statistical mechanics, molecular modeling). Especially if they pursue an academic career, they will be expected to teach classes in a wider range of theoretical topics. Moreover, their research careers are likely to evolve in directions that will require them to become proficient in areas other than where their doctoral and postdoctoral work focused. These schools offer them an excellent chance to broaden their knowledge and skill sets at an early career stage.

Each TSTC school will involve approximately six to eight hours of lectures on electronic structure theory, dynamics, and statistical mechanics as well as one topical subject that will change from school to school. Poster sessions for participants to describe their interests, outdoor recreation, and problem solving sessions will also be held.

Michael Feig (Michigan State University)
Timothy Berkelbach (Columbia University)

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Virtual Workshop

Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry (Students Only Registration - VIRTUAL) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Alcaraz-Torres, Anthoni Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos
Alkan, Melisa Iowa State University
Annaberdiyev, Abdulgani NCSU
Anto-Sztrikacs, Nicholas University of Toronto
Atsango, Austin Stanford University
Aubry, Taylor NREL
Bao, Songhao University of Waterloo
Becerril, Hector Brigham Young University Idaho
Berrens, Margaret UC Davis
Burrows, Melissa Boston University
CHEN, XINXIAN Department of Chemistry, University of Rochester
Choudhury, Arpan Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Chuang, Hsiao-Han School of Mathematics, University of Bristol
Costa da Hora, Gabriel The University of Utah
Cui, Zhihao Caltech
Daniel, Christina Georgetown University
DE, PRIYAM KUMAR Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Dergachev, Vsevolod University of Nevada, Reno
Dey, Souvik University of Illinois Chicago
DeYoung, Andrew Carnegie Mellon University
Dominic, Anthony University of Colorado, Boulder
Dyott, Zachary University of Wisconsin-Madison
Eltareb, Ali CUNY Graduate Center
Eren, Erdem University of California, Davis
Ericok, Ozan Burak University of California, Davis
Farahvash, Ardavan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fazelpour, Elham Oklahoma State University
Fong, Kara University of California, Berkeley
Fu, Ray Northwestern University
Gastellu, Nicolas McGill University
Gomez, Axel École Normale Supérieure, PSL
Gonzalez Montoya, Francisco University of Bristol
Gopal, Varun University of Minnesota
Grimm, Ryan University of Colorado at Boulder
Gustin, Ignacio University of Rochester
Han, Bowen University of California, Merced
Hanson, Matthew University of Notre Dame
Hemmati, Reza Auburn University
Janicki, Tesia University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jansen, Nathan Michigan State University
Jiang, Ling University of Nottingham
Johnson, Virginia L CU Boulder
Johnston, Jessica Westminster College
Kang, Richard UC Berkeley
Kelly, Joseph Stanford University
Khamis, Noha Mahmoud Ahmed Fathy Khamis Warwick University
Khaniya, Umesh CUNY Graduate Center
Khatri, Roshan Kent State University
Kitheka, Maureen SUNY at Binghamton
Kolathingal Thodika, Mushir Ul Hasan Temple University
Kuhn, Leah Florida State University
Kumar, Rajat University of Utah
Liang, Yu Hsuan Columbia University
Lindahl, Erik Chemistry Department Linnaeus University
Liu, Xiao NYU Shanghai
Maharjan, Rajendra Oklahoma State University
Mallojjala, Sharath Chandra State University of New York at Binghamton
Man, Marijn Peter Radboud university
Marasco, Jacob Boston University
Metzroth, Lucy NREL
Mihm, Tina University of Iowa
Mukherjee, Madhubani University of Southern California
Niblo, Jessica University of Virginia
Njoku, Samuel Ogbonnaya University of Houston
Pal, Pradeep Kumar International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad
Peng, Linqing California Institute of Technology
Polley, Kritanjan Cornell University
Rai, Divya IIT Kharagpur
Rana, Bhaskar The Ohio State University
Ratkovec, Justin University of Colorado, Boulder
RK, Kathir University of Groningen
Rollins, Zachary Alexander University of California, Davis
Rosa, Jorge California Institute of Technology
Santra, Supriyo Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Schnorr, Wade University of Pittsburgh
Seliya, Pankaj Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Shivani, Shivani Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Si, Pradip University of North Texas, Denton
Sindhu, Aarti IIT Bombay
Singh, Aditya Narayan Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
Song, Nan University of Waterloo
Stark, Wojciech University of Warwick
Stimac, Jared University of California, Davis
Tiwari, Vishal University of Rochester
Ung, Shu Fay Columbia University
Vaish, Prateek Brown University
Wada, Brandon Stanford
Weiler, Laura University of Iowa
Weissman, Hila Technion
Wititsuwannakul, Taveechai Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University
Yenugu, Nikhil IISER-KOLKATA
Yi, Jun University of massachusetts
Zarotiadis, Rhiannon ETH Zurich
Zhang, Chenghao University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Zhanserkeev, Asylbek University of Utah
Zhou, Ruiyi UNC Chapel Hill
Zhou, Zihan The University of Queensland

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